1. SAILFISH (The fastest fish in the ocean)

Sailfish (speed : 110 kph / 68 mph)

The characteristics of the sailfish are as follows :

  • V-shaped prostrusions existing on the sailfish skin in the skin-friction reduction
  • The long bill : a device of reducing drag by separation delay through turbulence generation
  • Large dorsal fin : resembles a sail

2. GREAT BLUE SHARK (Unbony fish)

Great Blue Shark (Speed : 69 kph / 43 mph)

The characteristics of the great blue shark are as follows :

  • Pectoral fins : shark do not have gas-filled swim bladders for buoyancy, but it use the dynamic lift. As these fish swim, their pectoral fin are positioned to create lift which allows the fish to maintain a certain depth

Pectoral Fin for Great Blue Shark

3. FALCON (Fighter jets)

Falcon (Speed : 320 kph / 200 mph)

The characteristics of the falcon are as follows :

  • Long narrow wings : built for speed (pointed wings)
  • Long narrow tails : built for turning capability
  • Slim birds with a small head

4. SWALLOW (The birds of freedom)

Swallow (Swiftness of Flight)

The characteristics of the swallow are as follows :

  • Forked tail & slender body
  • Very short legs with small feet
  • Small bill
  • Long & pointed wings
  • Slender, streamlined bodies with short necks

5. CHEETAH (The fastest land mammal)

Cheetah (Speed : 80 - 100 kph)

The characteristics of the cheetah are as follows :

  • A slender body, a small head, long legs : ideal for speed
  • Without retractable claws : allows the claws to always be exposed (makes for better traction when running)
  • Tail : to help maintain balance at high speeds and during quick turns