Extreme weather events, weather related disasters, glacier retreats, threatened coastal areas, increased ocean acidity, heat waves, and changing animal and plant behaviour are signs of global warming. the warming phenomena is mostly likely contributed by human activities.

Warning signs from all over the world are now evident:


  • The Arapaho Glacier (Colorado) has thinned by 40 meters, since 1960

The Arapaho Glacier

  • Flowers in Washington, DC bloomed 4.5 day earlier
  • Hurricane Katrina created massive flooding in New Orleans in 2005

Hurricane Katrina

  • Mosquitoes have undergone genetic adaptation to warmer temperatures
  • Alaskan glaciers have retreated and thinned, temperature increase of 3-4’C since 1950 has resulted in the permafrost melting


  • Canadian Rockies- tree stumps were exposed for the first time in 2500 years as glaciers receded
  • Polar bear’s reproductive success has been reduced

Canadian Rockies


  • Rapid retreat and loss of ice mass
  • By 2080, the sea ice is expected to disappear during summer
  • 15% of Arctic tundra has melted

Arctic tundra


  • Andes, Peru and Chile : widespread retreat of mountain glaciers
  • Brazil and Argentina : heavy rain created mudslides and flood, killing thousands of people


  • 2003 heat wave in Western Europe
  • European butterflies migrated to the North instead of to South
  • Spanish drought in 2005
  • The Alps has thinned, losing half of its volume

The Alps


  • Mt. Everest Himalayas : glacier melt is ‘virtually certain’ bringing more floods, rock avalanches, and disrupting water resources

Mt Everest Himalayas

  •  Siberia : new lakes were formed as the permafrost melted
  • Tien Shan : the 400 glaciers lost 25% of their volume
  • Bhutan : lakes appeared at the foot of glaciers causing risk of flooding
  • Nepal & Bangladesh floods in 2004
  • India : 2003 heat wave, temperature >50’C
  • Indonesia : Absence of monsoon rains caused fire outbreaks


  • Vanuatu : abandoned in 2005
  • Carteret Island, Papua New Guinea : Evacuated
  • Tuvalu : plans for evacuation
  • Kiribati Islands : disappeared under the sea in 1999

Kiribati Island


  • Ethiopia : 2003 – heaviest rain in 70 years
  • Horn of Africa, droughts
  • Nile Delta : 1 meter sea-level rise, 15% of habitable land affected
  • Snow capped peaks of Mounts Kilimanjaro and Kenya are shrinking, may vanish by 2025

Mount Kilimanjaro


  • Drought and bush fires, killing native animals
  • Great Barrier Reef – coral bleaching

The Great Barrier Reef


  • Collapse of Larsen A Ice Shelf in 1995
  • Collapse of Larsen B Ice Shelf in 2002
  • Changes in permafrost will have detrimental effects on migratory birds, mammals and higher predators
  • Antarctic Peninsula : 87% of glacier fronts retreated, temperature increased by 2.5’C from 1950 – 2002, 4 times the global average

Antarctic Peninsula