1. Make a commitment

  • Several countries have indicated in recent months that they will go carbon neutral, led by Costa Rica, New Zealand and Norway

Carbon neutral

2. Where you stand?

  • Knowing where and how you generate greenhouse gases is the first step to reduce them

Greenhouse Gases

3. Decide and plan where you want to go

  • Most homes or businesses can reduce energy use by 10%. An effective tool is an energy audit

Energy Audit

4. De-carbon your life

  • Buy paper or wood products that adhere to internationally certified standards
  • Switch to recycled or sustainably sourced paper
  • Waste less time and energy on travel

Recycled paper

5. Get energy efficient

  • Turning off unused lights, motors, computers and heating can substantially reduce waste energy and money
  • Think about travel
  • Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) reduce electricity use by a minimum of 75% compared to a standard incandescent bulb

Energy Efficient

6. Buy Green, sell green

  • There are a growing numbers of consumers who are willing to buy green products if given the choice. However, the market for green products remains small because people find it difficult to locate products or trust their environmental claims

Green product